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After traveling between New Orleans and Seattle for a year, I regularly experienced breakouts, dry patches and redness.  When I tried using mainstream skincare techniques to rejuvenate my skin, nothing worked - my travels left my skin deeply damaged.

I decided to create my own skincare products.  Using my mother's all-natural Indian remedies, I healed myself and my friends.  Of course, many people aside from my friends need naturally-made, affordable skincare remedies for their damaged skin.  Realizing this, I created Ariya Apothecary.

The Anti-Aging Lavender Face Serum oozes lavender and deliciousness. On first impressions this is a beautiful serum. It’s light and absorbs well without feeling too oily. It is dense in nourishing oils but light on the touch.
— Brigid, Create.Love.Heal
Ariya’s serum is not only all natural, but it works! It’s very soothing and moisturizing for even sensitive skin. I’ve tried a large variety of skincare products in search of one’s that actually work for me. Love this serum!
— Esther Hong
The peppermint lipbalm smells really nice. I usually have dry lips, especially in winter, and have tried a lot of different lipbalms, and this is one of the best ones. I’d highly recommend Ariya’s products - they’re natural, smell really great and leave the skin soft.
— @Egitapolanska, Etsy
40+ weeks pregnant and just spent the entire day in the OB ER and clinic with a raging migraine. Took the conventional meds, but then decided to use a bunch of the stuff Linsey has sent me. Totally took the final edge off and now I feel like I’m having a spa in my bedroom.
— @Artiallam

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