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When life gives you hands... make handmade.

After spending a year traveling between New Orleans and Seattle and their two very different climates, plus the many hours I spent on airplanes, I noticed unwanted changes to my complexion. I have always taken care of myself, and as a result I have had good skin. Under these new circumstances, I started to experience breakouts, dry patches, and redness. I tried high-end spa treatments, facials, and I spent hundreds of dollars on top beauty products – all in an effort to regain moisture back into my face. Nothing worked. I then decided to try a different approach. I tapped back into my roots and made my own natural products.

Growing up, my mother always used methods she had learned from her Indian descent and her homeland of Fiji, like applying coconut oil for hair growth and cocoa butter as a moisturizer. I used her old recipes on myself and on my friends who were suffering with various skin problems. The results were remarkable! My friends loved them, and they were excited they could obtain all natural products at an affordable price.

These events led to the creation of Ariya Apothecary. Our mission is to deliver glowing, beautiful skin, at an affordable price. We are excited to share our culture and to bring out the natural beauty in you!